Eltham College


At Eltham College we have a straightforward commitment: we will give our students an outstanding education, a positive approach and values that will steer them throughout their life.

Our founding fathers were guided by their Christian faith; those values are still fundamental to who we are today. We believe in nurturing each child as an individual, and will help them to explore their abilities, find their strengths and thrive. We place a strong emphasis on self-respect, humility and service of others. And we work hard, because we believe in making the most of our gifts every day.

Our students’ academic success grows from their love of learning for its own sake. We’ll challenge their understanding of how the world works and give them the tools they need to explore it themselves, so they can go as far as they want to.

We are an academically selective co-educational day school situated in 70 acres of grounds in south east London. Entry begins in Year 3 when students join our Junior School and then they seamlessly transition from the Junior to the Senior School, and later the Sixth Form. Students enter the Senior School in Year 7 and also in our Sixth Form at Year 12.

Once a student starts in the Junior School we monitor their journey throughout. As we spend time getting to know each student individually we know the standard of their work, their attitude to study, their assessment results and their contribution to wider school life and the community. These are the factors we consider when making the decision about each students’ transition to the Senior School and as such we do not require students in the Junior School to take an entrance examination.

The opportunities at Eltham College are wide and varied. Our co-curriculum is right at the core of the education we offer. We’ve built it into our working day, and there’s a seamless flow between it and our academic curriculum. Through it our students learn the soft skills of leadership, teamwork and commitment, find their passions, and prepare for a lifetime of discovery.

We encourage every student to take part in a wide range of activities to help them find their individual strengths, to learn to challenge themselves and to take risks. Our students learn to work together and to trust each other. They learn to take responsibility and to take the lead.

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