Chigwell School


Chigwell School was founded in 1629 and we have a long and distinguished history. We are an independent school offering a full and rich education for boys and girls between the ages of four to eighteen, and although we have a large campus covering one hundred acres, we are a medium-sized school in terms of overall pupil numbers. This is important to us because we believe that it helps us to get to know our pupils really well as individuals.

Chigwell School is, above all, a community, and we want pupils here to be busy, challenged, stimulated and happy with first-class teaching and well-developed pastoral care. We work closely with parents and believe strongly in a partnership between school and home. When Chigwellians finally leave school, most have achieved academic results of which they can feel very proud and which enable them to thrive at university or in employment. We want them to be eminently employable, able to work in teams, to get things done, to be resourceful, able to communicate, adaptable and always able to learn more. We hope that Chigwell pupils of today will make good citizens in the future, secure and confident in their own beliefs, and tolerant of others. Above all, we want Chigwellians to fulfil their potential in all they do at Chigwell School, to enjoy their time with us and to be the very best they can be.

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