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Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School

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Choosing a school can be a great leap of faith and here at The Haberdashers' Aske's Boys' School we hope that you will find that choice an easy and enjoyable one to make. This is an environment which offers more than our own memories of school; enthusiasm, teamwork and friendship as well as an innate respect for all that is genuinely intellectual. This respect is reflected in outstanding examination results and the achievement of our students' goals in Higher Education.

Your sons will be challenged by an exciting academic curriculum allied to a wealth of sporting, dramatic, musical and cultural activity. Your views will be both sought and valued. Passion for learning, the pre-eminence of the intellect, endeavour, diligence and the pursuit of excellence are qualities we all espouse.

We pride ourselves on providing an inspiring learning environment where your son will make the maximum possible progress. We want him to have tremendous fun and to genuinely enjoy his learning which, we believe, are the most important aspects of the first years of his education.

The school day is varied and stimulating, and our highly-qualified teachers and teaching assistants ensure that there is a balanced mix of academic curriculum subjects which are studied every day, blended with practical subjects and also games such as rugby, football and swimming.

We blend traditional values, such as good manners, respect and integrity, with a modern approach to education which we believe will prepare your son for the next stage in his life; to instil in him the self-confidence and resilience to face the future with assurance and optimism and be ready to take part in everything the world has to offer him.